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Central Texas Polo Association


The Central Texas Polo Association offers

fun, competitive polo for the player and spectator alike. 

From Austin and Lockhart to the San Antonio area,

the CTPA combines three polo clubs as one,

offering the best arena and grass polo in Central Texas.

Included are ATX, Texas Military and Two Wishes Polo Clubs.


All levels welcome to play.

All spectators encouraged to attend.


Tournaments 0-4 goal, polo practices, fun family group lessons, Margarita League 365, Interscholastic /Intercollegiate programs, as well as Spring & Fall CTPA tournament seasons. Lease horses available for chukkers, or bring your own.

Full board, stabling and turn out available.

Join us.


Contact: Manager Karl Hilberg




Three Polo Clubs, One Polo Community


2021 SMSC Trophy
20220605 ASC USPA _
Amateur Cup WOW
20220605 ASC Champs NK db LS _
20220605 ASC Championship Team
20220605 ASC BPP 2
20220605 ASC TIP BPP
2021 SMSC BW running to goal
20211121 TR JA db JL
20220514 GP Champions
20220514 GP BPP
20211017 Good job!
20211121 TR LS w horse
2022 AC Anson Eyes on the Ball
20211121 TR Winning Team Bar Spur_
20211121 TR BPP Little Man
2022 AC James on boards
20220514 GP MR and JC Airborne
2022 Amateur Cup K on Mariposa
2022 AC Championship Team
2021 SMSC BPP Katniss
20211121 TR Great job
2022 AC Javier Out of Air
Waiting for their turn
20220514 GP Goal Trey
20220514 GP TH db RM
20211121 TR DG with penalty 3 shot_
20211121 TR Osburn horse
2019 CINC Sun AF Champs 2
20211121 TR Gal Shweikis 9th
2018 GCQ Sylvia K
20220514 GP TH db RM
20211121 TR WS hb out of air db TC_
FSH Winning Team
20200514 GP LS HA
20211121 TR goal setup
20220514 GP MR and JC Airborne
2021 Gen Patton Saved
20220605 KH rtg on MsS
John def by Rob
zini warming up 2
GCQ GOAL by Philipp copy
Brady hits away
20211121 TR Myr Goal
Grooming for the umpires
20211121 TR Scarlett and Mariposa
20211017 Announcing booth
2021 Gen Patton W vs P
2021 Gen Patton Umpire Watching You
20211017 WAC W warming up horses
20211017 M running wall__
20201025 S.C. Rideoff
FSH Insua chased by Crea Murrell
2017 TR Cody hooking Ariel
Teddy Roosevelt
20211017 Good job!
CINC American Flag
Two Wishes
20220604 TM Arena Ariel View
Two Wishes
Texas Military
20211121 TR Horses are ready_
You're Invited



Pack a picnic and invite your friends, polo is a great spectator's sport.  


  • When are the matches? ​

    • Polo Matches are held on Sundays 11pm during polo season. 


  • What do I wear?

    • Dress up or dress casual, comfort is key. Flats and wedge shoes best for stomping divots

  • Do I need a ticket?

    • No. 

  • Can I bring my dog?

    • Dogs are allowed, but must remain on a lease at all times

  • Is food available? 

    • All 3 CTPA clubs are in the Texas hill country. Best to bring your own Food & Beverage. Don't forget chairs!

  • More Questions? 

    • Call ​CTPA Manager Karl Hilberg 512.484.4384


Arena & Grass Polo 


Interscholastic Polo

Margarita League 365




Join Us

Multiple CTPA Memberships available

averaging $2,000 per season for local Texas residents; discounts for students, polo professionals (2 goals and up) and 

active or retired military.

Out of town players welcome.

Contact: Karl Hilberg 512.484.4384


SPRING POLO SEASON   Mar  - Jun             MARGARITA LEAGUE 365            FALL POLO SEASON   Sep - Dec

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